Making a difference in the lives of youth in our communities

BCAUSEICAN, You Can, We Can!

What We're About


BCAUSEICAN is a 501(c)3 organization founded by men who were born and raised in the communities they serve and have a driving passion to reach and teach children so that they can thrive, strive, and arrive.

Our Focus

Four critical development areas:

  • Technology Awareness

  • Financial & Business Awareness

  • Health & Fitness Awareness

  • Social & Behavioral Comportment



To equip youth in underserved communities with the knowledge and skills today to prevent socioeconomic disparities in the next generation



An equal playing field for youth growing up in every community


What We Do

We provide state of the art classes and workshops in four critical development areas

Coding Literacy
Stock Market Education
Health & Wellness

What's Happening

Here are some of the current BCAUSEICAN classes

Shaw CC Coding Classes
JSW Elementary Coding Classes
Shaw Community Center