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BCAUSEICAN Addressing the Gap in Computer Science

The latest national data on computer science employment has Latino and Hispanics at less than 10% and African-Americans at less than 5%. The data is comparable to degrees in Computer Science where the numbers are similar. BCAUSEICAN is focusing on addressing this trend by not only offering the current coding classes, but expanding and adding more state of the art and related classes such as Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence and Micro:bit Coding.

As BCAUSEICAN wraps-up programming for the 2021-2022 school term, the successes are commendable, but there is plenty of work yet to be done. BCAUSEICAN was able to conduct over 225 coding classes to over 125 elementary students and over 50 coding classes to over 60 middle and high school students. These classes included learning to code in the SCRATCH and Python languages. The opportunity to expose and train students is essential in advocating computer science.

BCAUSEICAN recognizes the value of family support in promoting and advocating computer science. BCAUSEICAN conducted over 45 family technology workshops to over 60 parents and adults to gain familiarity with technology and applications to support their scholars. The family technology workshops were conducted in English and Spanish.

Our commitment to address the digital divide, digital literacy and lack of digital inclusion will continue despite the odds. Our mission and vision for bridging the gap of socio-economic disparities is a driving force behind our organization. The work must continue until every student is given an opportunity to compete. “BCAUSEICAN, YOU CAN, WE CAN”.

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