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BCAUSEICAN Staff Spotlight - Amanda Leon

BCAUSEICAN would like to spotlight the staff contributions of Amanda Leon. Amanda started as a volunteer for BCAUSEICAN in August 2020. She started her contributions as a Family Technology Workshop instructor. Amanda assisted in developing the Family Technology Workshop curriculum and became a lead instructor. She was able to display her versatility and became an

instructor for our BCAUSEICANCODE SCRATCH Coding curriculum. Amanda contributed new ideas and innovative coding projects to enhance the curricula. BCAUSEICAN management was quick to access the importance of the contributions delivered by Amanda and quickly offered her a Coding Instructor position.

BCAUSEICAN was asked to pilot an ESOL class for (8) weeks during the Summer of 2021. As BCAUSEICAN began to seek candidates to lead the efforts, Amanda again came to the rescue and contributed in developing an (8) week curriculum and became the lead instructor. The ESOL classes were a huge success and Amanda delivered with the assistance of additional volunteer ESOL Tutors. Amanda has become a swiss army knife when it comes to assisting in BCAUSEICAN programs.

Amanda currently is the Program Manager for the Family Technology Workshop, where she leads a team offering those classes in English and Spanish. She is active in the BCAUSEICAN SCRATCH Coding program and instructs classes. Her spirit and dedication to the community is unwavering. She exemplifies the BCAUSEICAN mission and vision by her actions. Thank you for your efforts.

Ron Nicholson

Executive Director

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