Coding Literacy Program


The Coding Literacy Program consist of a series of detailed state-of-the-art classes with a focus on the technology to support STEM education. The BCAUSEICANCODE classes will focus on coding disciplines, processes and design. These sessions are hands-on tailored for individual age groups. The size of the training sessions will be from 10-25 students.  As an example, classes for younger participants may focus on introductory coding concepts and for the older participants classes may focus on concepts for higher learning or for career building. The sessions are between 8-12 weeks. 



The workshops focus on an individual topic and the trainer and students engage in productive conversations and how technology plays a key role in the world today.  The size of the workshops are typically greater than 25 students.  The workshop participants will have the opportunity to display their knowledge of technology and how it relates to the topic. The trainer will facilitate and educate on the technology.  Each program is evaluated for effectiveness by pre and post-surveys and other data measurements.

Stock Market Education Program


The Stock Market Education Training, BCAUSEICANTRADE is an 8- week curriculum focusing on educating teens and youth on the terminology and concepts of the stock market. The size of the training classes will be from 10-25 students to facilitate one-on-one personal delivery.  The training focuses strongly on the technical analysis methodology of stock trading. Students are provided access to simulated trading using state-of-the-art simulation software.  Each student receives a post-training class survey for assessment.



The workshops focus on a larger number of students in either middle school or high school. These workshops are normally held in school auditoriums and facilitated by BCAUSEICAN staff and school Financial Literacy teachers. The workshops are normally 2-4 hours and the training is tailored specifically for the larger audience. The students are provided training material ahead of the workshop from their Financial Literacy teacher. The trainer will have access to stock market simulated software and will educate students from the training material. The workshops are interactive and provide an opportunity for exposure to the stock market and trading techniques. Each student receives a post-workshop survey for assessment.

Health and Wellness Program


The workshops will focus on specific health and fitness topics including the opportunity to perform athletic activities and gain knowledge of healthy life choices. The workshops are tailored for 10-25 participants. The participants are provided health and wellness material and given personal one-on-one consultation. The workshops will be conducted by certified health and group fitness professionals. 


The events will focus on general health and fitness topics conducted by BCAUSEICAN staff, strategic partners and alliances. These events are tailored for 25-100 participants. The Events will provide health and fitness consultation for youth and young adults. Registered nurses and certified nutritionists will be on site, as well as certified health and group fitness instructors. Health screening and monitoring, diet education and personal fitness goal coaching will be performed.  The events will have some planned fitness activities, such as Basketball, Zumba or Cross-fit.

Mentoring Program


The workshops will focus on a specific topic and provide the opportunity for participants to have interactive dialogue about the topic. The workshops are focused for youth and young adults. BCAUSEICAN staff will conduct and facilitate the specific topic. BCAUSEICAN also will provide trained consultants for the topics, if needed. These are informal sessions where participants can be as candid as possible. These workshops are focused to provide individual development and increased knowledge. 



The events will focus on the art of mentoring by use of a social activity. These events are tailored for 25-100 participants. The events will provide an opportunity for youth and young adults to engage in activities that are normally not available for their access. BCAUSEICAN will leverage strategic partnerships to conduct and advertise these events. The Georgetown Basketball Night hosted by BCAUSEICAN and Georgetown University highlights one of these events. 



BCAUSEICAN is looking for dedicated and energetic volunteers for a variety of activities within each of our programs.  We'd love to work with you.

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"It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men"

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