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The BCAUSEICANCODE program is a 16 to 32-week computer coding program offered as part of after-school enrichment in coordination with the principal and staff of schools focusing on grades K-12 or Community Centers. The classes teach the concepts, terminology, and art of coding.  The classes are offered once per week for one hour. The classes can be offered in English or Spanish. BCAUSEICAN provides two instructors for each class and has had a proven track record of conducting and operating the program for several years.


Various tools and methods are used to pre-assess students and monitor progress as well as post-assess the success of the program. This includes surveys, tests, quizzes, interactive tools such as Kahoot and Google Classroom, and ongoing instructor evaluation. BCAUSEICANCODE has a lecture format and an interactive session that allows instructor and student engagement.  This format allows the students to gain confidence and knowledge in real-time and allows the instructors to evaluate the students' progress. The classes are currently conducted in-person and virtually using the Zoom video conferencing software.

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