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What People Like About Us

Stephanie Barber-Wehrman, Principal at Judge Sylvania Woods
Celeste Valencia, Community Coordinator at Thomas Stone
Melissa Laws, Shaw Community Center Program Director

What and where would we be technically without you! Thank you so much. You have been hands on and epic in making sure the entire model run smoothly with no malfunctions. Bcauseican rocks and we are grateful to have you on our team and partner. Coding is the future and thanks to you. Our youth have been learning to code for over 3 years.

Imanni Augustin, Parent of Ian Powell - Program Attendee

Ian has truly enjoyed learning coding in the Computer Coding Class this Summer with Mr. Ron and loves to practice on Scratch. 

Phi T. Thach, Judge Sylvania Woods Elementary School Coordinator

On behalf of all of us at Judge Sylvania Woods Sr. Elementary School I want to thank you for your generous gift of backpacks/ school supplies to help prepare our scholars and for preparing/facilitating a 4 session Technology Workshop on Saturdays for our parents in English and Spanish to support them with their technology issues and concerns this school year SY20-21. Thank you for your dedication and a continuous partnership in building a stronger community, we could not do our work without your support!

Student Testimonials
FTW Testimonials
Volunteer Testimonial
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